Barberyn have three Ayurveda resorts in Sri Lanka; beach, reef and sands. The resorts are all inclusive; the price you pay includes all your food and drinks along with your medicines, treatments and excursions. Please take a moment to understand a little bit about Ayurvedic medicine before reading about the retreat.

These Ayurveda retreats are very authentic and focus on treating your mind, body and spirit. Please do not mistake this for a luxury spa holiday. The resorts are simplistic. See it as a treatment centre where you would go to get yourself into optimum health in an authentic fashion. For me personally, I see Barberyn as the place where I go for my annual servicing – you will feel absolutely amazing and it sets me up for a healthy lifestyle at home.

Many people travel to Barberyn alone so please don’t fear about travelling here solo – it can actually be really liberating and peaceful to come here alone. Everyone is so welcoming and you will end up chatting and having dinner with different people!

The minimum stay is usually one week as the treatments and medicine need time to take effect. I always book directly through the resort via email. Whichever of the three resorts you choose; Barberyn offer free return transportation from Colombo international airport. You will be met by one of their lovely drivers with a small gift bag (including water) and then be transferred directly to your resort. You may co-share with others if they are on the same flight as you.

Health is a state of completeHarmony of the mind, body & spirit.When one is free from physicaldisabilities and mental distractions.The gates of the soul open.

Barberyn Beach

Accomodation and Location

Barberyn beach is located at Sri Lanka’s southern tip in Weligama approx. a 3 hour transfer from Colombo. This is my favourite of the three resorts. Located in the hills amongst the rainforest, the rooms all have a beautiful view of the ocean. There are monkeys swinging in the trees, peacocks walking around and you may even come across a reptile taking a stroll. In the early morning, natures voices are beautifully loud – it’s wonderful to sit on the balcony and take it all in! Just note that there can be a fair amount of up and down walking at this resort as the rooms are tiered in the hills.

Barberyn Beach bedroom ocean views

Barberyn beach balcony view

The Rooms

The rooms are furnished in a basic Sri Lankan style. They are clean and perfect for your new simplistic way of living. The beds are comfortable and the rooms come equipped with mosquito nets. The cleaners tend to come in the morning and then they will revisit in the late afternoon to put your net around your bed and attend to anything else you may need. They always leave beautiful flowers or decorations on your bed – these are a wonderful little touch to bring a smile to your face. The bathrooms have a shower only but the water hot and the flow is great. The rooms have a fan only (no A/C) and/or you can open your balcony doors for a sea breeze – so yes it can be warm at night but air conditioning is viewed as unhealthy in Ayurveda as it cools the body to a unhealthy temperature. Bottled water will be supplied to your room daily along with a flask of hot water which is usually for when taking your medicines.

There are no televisions and the Wi-Fi tends to only work in the lobby area. People do not tend to use their phones much as it’s nice to switch off from the world. I tend to use it in the lobby or my room only in order to respect peoples healing and peaceful living.

Barberyn Beach Lobby area

Barberyn beach Reception building

Barberyn Beach deluxe room balcony

Barberyn beach deluxe bedroom

Barberyn Beach Rose detailing

Barberyn beach deluxe bedroom

Barberyn Beach soap detailing

Barberyn beach walkway to bedrooms


Barberyn has a beautiful swimming pool which overlooks tranquil surroundings and beautiful beaches. There is water and fresh coconuts available at the pool. The beaches are public and very secluded. You can take a walk down to the left side of the pool and there is a small peaceful beach. To the right side, you can walk along this beach for miles and miles.

  • Swimming pool
  • Wifi in the Lobby & Library area
  • Roof yoga studio (evening yoga is held here)
  • Outdoor yoga studio near pool (morning yoga is held here)
  • Library stocked with books
  • Shop
  • Tailor

Barberyn Beach swimming pool

Barberyn beach walkway to pool and beach

Fishermen, beach to the right of the resort

Beach to the right of the resort

How the retreat works

When you arrive at Barberyn one of the first things you will do is have a private consultation with one of the Sri Lankan Ayurvedic doctors. All the doctors are extremely knowledgeable, lovely and always happy to help. They speak fluent english. They will assess you physically, take your blood pressure, heart rate and ask you a series of questions about your health and any problem areas that you would specifically like to be treated. The doctor will be aiming to balance your ‘doshas’. They will then create you a treatment plan, let you know which herbal medicines will be given to you and what sort of diet you will have during your stay. Every few days you will have a follow up consultation with the doctor to assess your health and to talk about any concerns.

The Treatments

Each day you will usually always have a series of classic treatments. You will be assigned a daily time to go the medical centre. You turn up in your sheet and with bottoms (underwear). Firstly; you will have a dual oil body massage. You will be thoroughly and deeply massaged from head to foot by two people in a private room, lying on a wooden table. This is then followed by a head and shoulder massage seated in a chair. After your massage you will go to the communal herbal garden where you lay down (in your sheet) and have herbal packs/face masks applied to areas of need. You may also go in a steam chamber depending on what the doctor assigns you. After the herbal garden you either go for a shower and/or herbal bath. The classic daily treatments take approx 1.5 – 2 hours. Everyone at the resort will have these treatments.

In addition to your classic treatments, you will be assigned a time to go to acupuncture each day. You simply turn up at the assigned time. This is a communal room with various beds where you will lay down and the ladies will apply the needles. It puts you into a deep relaxed state and is for approx. 30 – 45 minutes.

In addition to your classic treatments, the doctor will assign you a series of ‘special treatments’ to have during your stay. These are individually assigned to you depending on your health. These have a very powerful effect on the body. After you will often find yourself in a very quiet state and needing to sleep/rest. They can range from special massages for tension areas or skin conditions to hot oil poured on the head or stomach for stress or tummy conditions or to things such as bowel or eye cleansing. There are a whole variety of these powerful treatments. Depending on how long you stay, you tend to have around 2 of these per week. On the days you have these, you may or may not have your classic treatments. Your diet may also be adjusted on these days as certain foods may be a no go.

All the Sri Lankan therapists are so sweet. They always have such a wonderful smile on their face and are very experienced in what they do.

Please note: Women are only treated by females and men by males.

The Food

The food is vegetarian and mostly consists of curried vegetables/plants/fruits with rice. There is an occasional lunch time serving of fish but no meat is served. There is no alcohol and no caffeine.

There is an Ayurvedic doctor present at all meals. The doctor is there to help with any questions you may have about the food and to ensure that you are sticking to your specific food plan. All the dishes are labelled with their description, their health benefits and whether they are acceptable to eat on your diet plan.

Breakfast and lunch are buffets. Relatively small in size but there is a wonderful selection. Dinner is a la carte usually consisting of a small starter, a soup with rye crackers, a main followed by some fruit (usually a small banana and some papaya). Twice a week (usually Tuesday and Saturday) dinner is in a buffet style. They believe you should not over fill your stomach in the evening which is why the dinner is mostly a la carte so that you eat controlled, small portions.

At breakfast there is a wide spread of around 20 exoctic fruits to choose from. There are raw nuts, seeds, dates, oats and some herbal curries. There are a few western options such as bread but these are limited and I tend not to touch them when I am there. Lunch consists of a widespread of home made vegetarian curries, rice dishes, vegetables with the addition of some fruits. The food is beautifully fresh and simple but the spices make it taste amazing!

There will also be a card on your table which is prescribed by the doctor. You may be served special juices, herbal teas, curries or soups at meal times which will be to help your unique health issues.

Example of food at the buffet with the signage

Example breakfast


Oh do they taste horrible and look scary but… they do their job I tell you!

After your consultation with the doctor, you will be prescribed a variety of medicines which are tailored to you and your needs. The medicines are all 100% natural and are made at the resort out of plants, herbs etc.

You can collect your medicines daily from the medical centre any time after 14:30 and these will last you for the next 24 hours.

The doctor may also give you some to take home with you if they deem necessary.

An average day at Barberyn looks like

6.00                 Morning yoga & breathing (1.5 hours optional)

7.30                 Breakfast buffet

8.30                 Classic treatments

10.30               Free time to relax

12:00               Special treatment (if given one)

12.30               Lunch buffet

13.15               Acupuncture

15:00               Daily excursion (optional) or relax

17:00               Yoga or Thai Chi (1 hour, optional)

19:00               Dinner

20:30               Meditation/ lecture or relax

The yoga and thai chi instructors are very experienced and brilliant.

Apart from your daily treatments – nothing is obligatory. You can do yoga and meditation or go on excursions at your pleasure.

Daily excursions

On most days there is a excursion or activity around 15:00. They are included (free) and they are also optional. You can sign up for them on the day if you wish to go so you can see how you feel and play it by ear. Some examples of these activities are:

  • Cooking demonstration
  • Trip to Galle fort
  • Boat trip
  • Weligama town (visit a temple, be blessed by the buddha and take a walk around Weligama)
  • Buddhist temple (tour the temple and light a candle here)
  • Tea Plantation (a beautiful place, take a tour of the tea plantation, see the manufacturing process in the factory and have a chance to taste various teas and buy in the shop)

Buddhist temple excursion

Weligama beach and town excursion

Buddhist temple excursion

Weligama beach and town excursion

This place really allows you quieten your mind and find peace. Every year I leave this place feeling refuelled, re connected to myself and totally aligned. It really is a investment to yourself. One of my favourite places in the world.

The best investment you can evermake is to invest in yourself

I hope you may love it here as much as I do and that it can bring as much value to your health as it does to mine. Enjoy!