The saying ‘just be true to yourself’ often comes up in conversation…but what does this actually mean? For me, it’s about doing things that make you happy and feel right for you. It’s simply just doing your thing and letting go of worrying about what people think of you.

As humans, we are constantly adapting and experiencing new things. Therefore, you may find that both yourself and the things you enjoy doing can change too. We are able to find out what works for us by simply living and following this beautiful journey we call life. As we learn and experience you may find that you implement certain things into your life more and doing these things is all apart of being yourself. Of course there does need to boundaries in what we do… we can’t just be absolutely any way we want. Prisons are full of people who do that and don’t care at all about the effect they have on others or the world. But as long as we act responsibly and that we hold ourselves accountable for our thoughts and actions, you are free to entirely just be you. Sounds good right?

Be proud of who you are

Letting go of what others think

“When you truly don’t care what anyone thinks of you, you have reached a dangerously awesome level of freedom”.

How often do you worry about what others may be thinking of you? How do you actually know what they are thinking, can you read minds?

Many people continuously worry about what others may be thinking of them which often causes them to become stiff, rigid and very serious in nature. It can create real forms of social anxiety and this can be a real strain on people’s self-freedom.

Something for you to ponder on… if you think that people are judging or making assumptions about you when out in public have you ever asked yourself if you are actually ever going to see these people again? Most the time, the answer is a big N-O… so why should you worry about what they may be thinking, especially if you never see them again? It is also likely that they are not actually thinking anything of you at all as I believe that most of us are far to consumed by our own thoughts, feelings, difficulties and deliberations that we don’t really have time to be judging others. Even if somebody was having a thought about you, how are you to know that they are not actually thinking ‘wow she/he looks amazing?’ We cannot mind read so pre supposing and worrying is really only bringing negativity on yourself. Try to let these thoughts go and focus on being happy in your own creation of the world.

We primarily worry about what others may think of us because of our insecurities. We are all insecure about something. For example, if you are somebody who is insecure about your blemishes, you may suppose everybody is staring at the blemishes on your face when really its actually very likely that people do not even notice them. You may also find yourself looking at other peoples skin because this is your insecurity. However, the people you may be looking at may have a different insecurity such as about their hair so they find themselves focusing on other peoples hair. As you can see, it all goes around in circles and people are far too consumed by their own thoughts to be worrying about how you are behaving.

The mind is such a powerful tool and we seem to convince ourselves that we can mind read others. Yes we become accustomed to understanding certain behaviours in people we are close to but how do you really know what anyone around you is thinking all the time? Even if somebody was to make a preassumption or judgement about you, it will porbabally last between 1-3 seconds in their mind. There are 84,600 seconds in a day. So why not let them have their thought, its out of your control anyway and they will have forgotten about it seconds later anyway. Having a bad hair day, got a spot on your face… how often do you notice those things in others, hmm, not so often? Well then have a think about if they are really thinking this about you? Free yourself from worrying what people think and let go – it will feel like a weight has been taken off your shoulder. We all as individuals do things very differently. Don’t worry about pleasing people, do what suits you.

Of course, there are times where we may want to make a good impression so we are more conscious of our behaviour eg. in job interviews, meeting your partners parents or going on first dates… but even in such settings, what is stopping you from being yourself and showing off some of your amazing personality? I’m not saying go crazy, of course there are limits but I have found that people actually really appreciate, aspire and love when you are just yourself and don’t conform to the norms of society. It can actually become quite an inspiring thing as people look up to those who are happy in their own life ‘just being themselves’. Be different, show the world the real you.

In the end of the day, you are you and you will always be you. So why not be different, be proud of the person you are, embrace it and show it off to the world. If people choose to not like you, then that choice lies with them but at least you can feel comfortable with the fact that you have always been true to yourself. The real you will also eventually come out… so why not just be you from the start, people will respect it.

Following your intuition

I believe that following your intuition or ‘gut instinct’ is so important. I would describe this as the internal feeling of when ‘you just know’. Your intuition connects your body, spirit and mind together which makes it so beautifully powerful. Those funny feelings, crazy urges, butterflies, the voice in your head, these are all apart of your intuition.

The more experienced you are in the field of what you’re deciding to do, the more accurate your intuition can sometimes be. Although it is sometimes useful to consult with others, they are not you and they do not always know what is best for you as we all deal and cope with things in our own individual way. You are the one to live with the decisions and actions you take so do what feels best for you in a situation, always be as true to yourself as you can be.

In the end of the day, your heart will always know best. When it comes to life decisions which involve a lot of feelings, like relationships, only you know what’s in your heart. Trust that you have all the knowledge and experience you need to make the decision that’s right for you rather than what others are telling you. This is your journey, have faith in yourself. You have lived your life and you are therefore the best person to decide what to do. When you start following the little nudges and urges that you get, you will have hopped onto the magic carpet ride of awesomeness. It doesn’t mean that you will never have bumps in the road again, but when you are in alignment with your soul, you will always be steered in the best possible direction.

I believe that the key to mastering the gift of intuition is learning to listen to it. The more time you give to it and the more practice you have, the more accurate it will become. It’s a learning process, but I find that when you become it touch with your intuition, it is rarely wrong.

Embrace your inner child

Little children are the prime example of ‘being yourself’. Have you ever noticed how free they are because they don’t have a care in the world about what people are thinking of them? They live on their own planet.

They will dance in public, scream and splash around the swimming pool and make silly faces. They are care free and if you take a moment to observe them… there is something very liberating about watching them.

Children bring love, lightness and simplicity to the world. If you really want to be yourself, get involved with your inner child and allow yourself to be free; play games, laugh loudly, talk in silly voices, sing like your Ariana Grande, boogey, eat the cake, say how your feeling and have some good old fun. We all have a nerdy, child side to us whether its playing video games, picking your nose, or listening to horrid history audio books – do it, embrace it, love it and have fun.

We sometimes suppress who we are in order to fit into society because we fear what others may think. Something to remember is … if your worrying about being judged, remember that this is the socialised version of you and not the real you.

LET GO –and have some inner child fun!!!

There is no greater freedomthan to simply be yourself

So… have fun being you! Embrace it, play around with it and be proud of yourself. Each and every one of us are unique and amazing in our own special way.