As humans, we can sometimes struggle to be at our best in situations that are difficult for us. Whether its arguments, grief, loss… sometimes we act in the moment where we are fueled by our emotions and we may sometimes look back and wish we acted differently. Nobody is perfect and life is a continuous journey where we continue to learn and grow every day. We have been blessed with the amazing opportunity … to simply be alive. Nobody has life under control to the T. We are all on our own journey whereby we learn and grow every single day. So just remember that we all experience these things together and we all go through both ups and downs.

I have put together a series of questions which may be able to help in the harder moments. Sometimes taking a moment to ask yourself and reflect on the bigger picture can really help.


10 Questions to ask yourself

1. If I depart the earth tomorrow, is it worth feeling upset/angry/sad over this, would you deal with things in a different way? If yes, can you rather make those changes now?

2. How are the other people involved in the situation feeling, can I see their point of view?

3. What do I need right now that could help me feel a little better and what could the others involved need?

4. Can or is this situation eventually going to be resolved, if so, is it worth waiting… could you come to a resolution now?

5. Are you overreacting or overthinking in this situation?

6. Can I positively influence this situation?

7. How can I see the situation with love?

8. What positives can you take away from this situation?

9. How can I use this situation to grow?

10. If I was a fly in the sky, what would I tell myself if I could see the situation from above?


These are food for thought and will allow you to reflect and hopefully enable you to see things from another refreshing perspective. Even if you just focus on one of the questions, it could make a world of difference to your happiness. Surround yourself with love as it is the most beautiful and powerful thing in the world. Over wealth, happiness and health, the common dominator in life will always be love.

Be grateful for every second of everydaySpend it with those you love and be happy.Enjoy every moment, life is so very precious